5 Continuity Errors in “Titanic” You Might Have Missed

“Titanic”, directed by James Cameron, remains a cinematic treasure even after more than 25 years of its release.

While it garnered 11 Oscars and immense adoration for the tragic love story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater, it’s not free from the occasional technical slip-up. Let’s dive into 5 subtle continuity errors in “Titanic” that might have escaped your notice.

5. The Defying Lifeboat

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During the Titanic’s final moments, as it collided with the iceberg and began to sink, a lifeboat is seen strangely aligned with the tilting ship, instead of being parallel to the water. This overlooked detail breaks the laws of physics amid the chaos of the sinking ship.

4. Jack’s Self-Styling Hair

(20th Century Fox)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson displays an unusual talent in one scene – his hair seems to style itself. One moment, his hair is tousled; after a cut, it’s neatly combed, leaving viewers puzzled about his sudden grooming skills.

3. Shifting Protective Rails

(20th Century Fox)

In the iconic scene where Jack and Rose stand at the ship’s bow, a small but noticeable error occurs. The protective rails on the edge of the Titanic initially appear separate but are seen joined together after a camera cut, a minor detail that disrupts the scene’s continuity.

2. Rose’s Vanishing Handkerchief

(20th Century Fox)

Rose, portrayed by Kate Winslet, mysteriously makes a handkerchief appear and disappear in one scene. Initially seen without it as she contemplates jumping off the ship, a cloth suddenly materializes in her hand after a cut, adding an element of magic to the tense moment.

1. Rose’s Moving Beauty Mark

(20th Century Fox)

A small yet glaring continuity error involves Rose’s facial beauty mark. The mark seems to shift sides on her face between scenes – a common Hollywood mistake involving facial features, adding to the list of subtle discrepancies in the film.

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